Anycubic Mega X Bestillingsvare

Anycubic Mega X

PrisNOK5 990,00 inkl. mva.


Get the Anycubic Mega X with a colour touchscreen für easy operation, filament sensor, comprehensive starter package, precise printing and auto-resume function against unexpected power cuts.

Main features Anycubic Mega X
  • Large build volume: 300 mm * 300 mm * 305 mm
  • Effortless leveling due larger nivelling knob
  • Double screw rod reduces probability of pressure errors
  • Dual Sideway improves the stability of the heating bed
  • Powerful extruder provides better printing experience and is compatible with flexible filaments like TPU

Large Build Volume
300mm*300mm*305mm, more space for creation.

Modular Design
No assembly hassle, get started quickly.

Ultrabase Platform
Strong adhesion, easy removal, repeatedly used without sacrificing performance.

Effortless Levelilng
Big leveling knob is much more convenient to grip, significantly save you effort.

Powerful Extruder
Strong extruder provides a better printing experience, compatible with flexible filaments such as TPU.

Effortless Leveling
Big leveling knob is much more convenient to grip, significantly save you effort.

Dual Screw Rod
Z-axis dual screw rod design decreases the likelihood of print errors.

Dual Sideway
Use customized aluminum module for Y axis on heat bed base, dual lead rail design inproves the stability of heat bed.

High Reliable Power
Use power supply from world-famous brand, compliance with UL60950-1, enhance the safety performance.

Construction and Technical Details  
Usable Nozzle Typ RepRap M6 1,75mm
Usable Filament Diameter 1,75 mm
Nozzle Temperatur Max 250 °C
Open Filament System Yes
Extruder Typ Bowden
Printing Speed Max 100 mm/s (depends on material)
Build Area 300 mm x 300 mm x 305 mm
Heated Build Plate Yes
Build Plate Temperature Max 90 ºC
Build Plate Material Ultrabase glass
Build Plate Attachment clamp
Build Plate Leveling System manual Leveling
Build Chamber During Process Open
Extruder Number 1
Installation Space / Requirements  
Total Mass 500 mm x 500 mm x 553 mm
Total Weight 14 kg
Operating Ambient Temperature 8°C - 40°C
Power Consumption Max 350 W
Voltage AC: 110 V / 230 V (50/60 Hz)
Filament Runout Sensor Yes
Powerloss Fail Safe Yes
TouchScreen Yes
Memory Card Yes, SD-Card
Layer Height 0,05 mm - 0,3 mm
Resolution 0,01 mm
Shipping Box 670 mm x 610 mm x 270 mm
Shipping Weight 19,5 kg